Episode 16: Wharton Professor G. Richard Shell on Success and Happiness

February 01, 2018

Adam speaks with G. Richard Shell, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Adam and Professor Shell start by discussing Professor Shell’s path to the Wharton School (02:15 – 15:44), including his internal thoughts as he was going through his “Odyssey Years” (15:45 – 23:05). Professor Shell then speaks about whether (and to what extent) we can become more comfortable with risk (23:06 – 30:45) and how we can keep things in perspective when seeing “successful” people on social media (30:46 – 35:05). Among the other topics discussed are Professor Shell’s famous “Six Lives” exercise (35:06 – 39:27), how we can start developing our own definition of happiness (39:28 – 47:30), how Millennials can become more patient in their careers (47:31 – 52:48) and how Professor Shell thinks artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies will affect our definitions of “success” and “meaningful work” (52:49 – 56:31). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit

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