Episode 15: Greg Harden, “Michigan’s Secret Weapon,” on Tom Brady and Other World-Class Athletes

January 12, 2018

Adam has a fascinating conversation with Greg Harden, coach to many renowned University of Michigan athletes like Tom Brady, Jalen Rose, Desmond Howard, and Michael Phelps.  Topics discussed include Greg’s childhood (04:01 – 08:39), his first experiences at Michigan and life after leaving college (08:40 – 12:21) and his return to Michigan, where he started becoming interested in social work and clinical therapy (12:22 – 16:46). Greg then speaks about how Bo Schembechler hired him to address the Michigan football team (16:47 – 24:33) and his consulting work with Michigan athletes and beyond, including his thoughts on the most prominent obstacle preventing individuals from achieving their goals (24:34 – 31:08). Greg then speaks about his work with Michigan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (31:09 – 39:39) and Greg’s motto “Control the Controllables” (39:40 – 49:56). Greg concludes the interview by speaking about the biggest transformation that he’s seen in a student-athlete (49:57 – 58:07) and his answer to a hypothetical question about being stranded on a deserted island (58:08 – 1:02:15). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit


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