Episode 14: Dylan Owen on Rap and Creativity

December 26, 2017

Adam interviews Dylan Owen, a renowned rap artist based in New York City. The interview begins with Dylan speaking about his childhood and how a love of rhyming transitioned into rap battles in school (01:57 – 09:43). He then discusses the genesis of A Living Inverse, his first rap EP (09:44 – 13:44), and how he initially promoted his new music (13:45 – 17:19). Dylan then speaks about his creative process, his decision to leave Cornell University and move to New York City, his journey as he continued releasing music, and when he became increasingly recognized for his work (17:20 – 30:38). The interview concludes with Dylan speaking about his upcoming album (30:39 – 37:32) and his thoughts on creativity in general and the music industry (37:33 – 47:03). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit

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