Episode 13: Interview with Coss Marte, Drug Kingpin Turned Fitness Entrepreneur

November 13, 2017

Adam interviews Coss Marte, a former drug kingpin who founded ConBody, a fitness company based in New York City. Coss begins the interview by describing his early life in the Lower East Side and how he started dealing drugs (01:36 – 12:27). After speaking about life as a drug kingpin (12:28 – 15:55), he describes how he was caught by the FBI (15:56 – 22:56). Then, Coss talks about life in prison, how he lost 70 pounds in six months, and the most misconceptions people have about prison (22:57 – 31:35). After describing how he started ConBody (31:36 – 43:38), Coss concludes the interview by sharing similarities between his old and current life and his ultimate vision for the company (43:39 – 48:01). For show notes, visit

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