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Episode 12: Exploring Creativity with Disney Imagineers

September 25, 2017

In the twelfth episode of the podcast, Adam reviews The Imagineering Way, a book by the Walt Disney Company Imagineers which explains the Imagineers’ creative processes and how all of us can become more creative. Adam begins the episode by explaining his interest in the Walt Disney Company, introducing the Walt Disney Imagineers, and delivering his overall impressions of the book (01:46 – 06:08). Then, Adam discusses the most notable insights from each of the six sections of the book, titled introduction (06:09 – 07:44), the sky’s the limit (07:45 – 11:51), growing a culture (11:52 – 15:56), unharnessing creativity (15:57 – 19:19), a thousand balls in the air (19:20 – 24:40), and adopting and adapting the Imagineering way (24:41 – 30:04). For show notes, visit

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