Episode 11: Interview with Leah Gervais, Founder of Urban20Something

September 11, 2017

Adam interviews Leah Gervais, the founder of Urban20Something, a website focused on helping Millennials escape quarter-life traps. The interview begins with Leah speaking about her childhood in Durango, Colorado (01:17 – 05:21) and her experiences at New York University, including her initial interest in law school (05:22 – 10:20). Leah and Adam then speak about Leah’s decision to decline her acceptances (10:21 – 16:11) and live in Southeast Asia for several months (16:12 – 22:06), including how she found her dream job in New York City while living in Bangkok (22:07 – 25:58). Leah then speaks about her current ventures: Urban20Something (25:59 – 31:03) and a new program on personal branding called Urban20Someone (31:04 – 37:09). For show notes, visit

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